Our Vision

"A regional leader in facilitating foreign direct investment"

Our Mission

To expeditiously facilitate, promote and foster foreign investment in Vanuatu and to generate greater economic prosperity for the people of Vanuatu.

Our Mandate

The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) is a statutory body established in 1998 by an act of parliament (Vanuatu Foreign Investment Act [CAP 248] with the main objective of facilitating and promoting investments in Vanuatu. Our functions and roles are governed by the Vanuatu Investment Act - CAP 248 of 1998. It is responsible for facilitating the implementation of new investment projects, providing After Care services for new and existing investments, as well as promoting Vanuatu as an ideal investment location. More specifically, the core functions of VIPA include; Policy Advocacy; Investment Promotion; Investment Facilitation which includes Investor Tracking After Care Services and Image building. The activities are carried out through the following divisions:

  • Corporate Division - with a focus on Policy Advocacy and Planning, Internal audit and Legal Affairs Department, Finance and Administration: To uphold VIPA's corporate profile, ensure observance of good corporate governance and attend to legal affairs. Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate management policies, procedures, regulations and systems to ensure compliance with the best practices for effective utilization of organizational resources. Formulate and implement efficient financial and administrative management policies and systems.
  • Investment Promotion, Research and Marketing Division - Undertake research, review and develop promotional materials; and engage in identifying and development of products. Target and attract investments to achieve increased economic development. Ensure relevant and timely provision of domestic market information to investors
  • Certification and Implementation Division - Ensure expeditious, transparent and quality facilitation of fdi projects for prompt implementation and provision of effective After Care Services.

The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority is a growing institution. In its collaborations with colleagues, partners and stakeholders in facilitating FDI in the country, VIPA is committed to the 4 core values that guide the work of its employees each day. By applying these core values effectively and consistently, VIPA should not only believe to achieve its strategic goals but help to adapt to the rapid changes and be responsive to the FDI dynamic market environment.

  • Customer focused – Our customers are our priority and we are responsive to their needs, both in the services we provide and in how we deliver
  • Outcome driven – we always strive to do the right things and do them better and ensure quality outcomes
  • Transparency, Efficiency and Accountability – We believe in achieving higher success by doing our jobs more efficiently and in the right way.
  • Professionalism and Partnership – We maintain professionalism in our approaches and seek to involve all stakeholders, in particular Government and Private sectors, international organizations and the community at-large in order to achieve our mission