Whether you are a new investor looking for an ideal location for your investment or you are intending to relocate your existing business activity, the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority can assist you.

Services to foreign investors

The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority is responsible for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of productive foreign direct investment (FDI) into Vanuatu.
We are the first national point-of-contact for all investment inquiries. Working in partnership with Government agencies and the private sector, we provide investors with the information needed to establish or expand a business in Vanuatu.

To deliver the greatest value to the country's economy, our services are focused on promoting Vanuatu as a competitive investment destination and attracting productive foreign direct investment (FDI) that is of national importance, builds Ni-Vanuatu capabilities, provides linkages with local businesses and enhances productivity.

Pre-Investment Services

  • Provide initial coordination of investment inquiries and assistance via email or to walk-in clients
  • Appraises, approves and grant foreign investment certificates to investors
  • Provide information on the Vanuatu's business and regulatory environment
  • Provided tailor-made visits to project sites and targeted authorities
  • Provide information on potential and ready investment opportunities
  • Identification of suitable investment locations and partners in Vanuatu
  • Provide advice on other Government programs and issues relating to foreign direct investment

Post-Investment Services

We value foreign investment already on the ground and accord them high priority. Our "after-care-service" programs have been structured to ensure newly registered investors receive the highest attention from the start to getting their projects up and running.

  • Regular follow ups are made to ensure nothing serious is hindering their operations. In cases where there is an issue, VIPA immediately responds.
  • Re-investments by existing businesses is common in Vanuatu. And because of the economic benefits whenever this happens, VIPA remains highly responsive to inquiries from business wishing to expand their activities or shifting to another location.
  • Provision of quality Aftercare Service

Services to the Government

Policy advocacy remains the cornerstone of all the activities we undertake. We pro-actively engage with our key stakeholders to initiate and push for reforms aimed at enhancing the country's enabling business environment and informs the Government on outcomes. And we ensure the Government is kept informed on FDI developments and emerging issues.

Our Referrals Service

In cases where VIPA is unable to provide the information requested by investors, the inquiry is referred to the most appropriate Government agency of a private sector institution. VIPA maintains strong and excellent working relationship with both Government and Private sectors. These are service providers with expertise able to guide and provide solutions to more sophisticated inquiries. To see the full list of all our service providers, click here.

More details on our corporate is available at corporate brochure or contact us.