Application Forms

You can download all the appropriate application forms required to set up your business through the seven (7) administrative processes from here. Please note that the forms are current as of when they are presented. While VIPA will ensure updates are regularly, investors are strongly advised to perform independent verification of form contents via url for sources provided. Or via Contact details for contact persons for each each department.


Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority1. New Investmentform-fill-iconApplication Form for New Investment Proposalform-fill-iconDemande par un investisseur de certificat opiv d’approbation de nouvel investissement
2. VariationApplication Form for a VariationModification
3. RenewalApplication Form for a RenewalRenouvellement
Sourceall investment application forms
Department of Immigration and Passport Services1. Visitor Visa
2. Extended visitor visa
3. Residence visa
4. Student visa
5. Interim visa
6. Special category visa
SourceDepartment of Immigration and Passport Services
Vanuatu Department of Labor1. Work Permit Formform-fill-iconWork Permit Application Form
2. Work Permit Check Listform-fill-iconCheck List
SourceDepartment of Labor
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission1. Reservation of a Business Nameform-fill-iconReserve Business Name Application Form
2. Registration of a Business Nameform-fill-iconBusiness Registration Form
3. Registration of a Companyform-fill-iconCompany Registration Application Form
4. Change Name of a Companyform-fill-iconCompany Change Name Application Form
SourceVanuatu Financial Services Commission
Department of Customs and Inland Revenue1. Business Licenseform-fill-iconBusiness License Application Form
2. Quarterly Sales Turn Over Reportform-fill-iconQuarterly Sales Turn Over Report
SourceDepartment of Customs and Inland Revenue
Vanuatu National Provident Fund1. Employer Registration form-fill-iconEmployer Registration Application Form
2. Change of Employersform-fill-iconChange of Employers Application Form
3. Employer Registration Check Listform-fill-iconEmployer Registration Check List Application Form
SourceVanuatu National Provident Fund
table showing all application forms for download