Work permit approval process
Work permit approval process
Obtaining a new work permit involves the following steps:

  • Complete the prescribed application form available from the Department of Labor , making sure that that the items on the Department’s Check List Form for the different types of permit are fully met.
  • Common to all types of permits are the following supporting documents:
    – Copy of the VIPA approval certificate
    – Cover letter providing explanation for the application
    – Copy of flight it inerary
    – Copy of Passport identification pages with 2 passport size photos
    – Letter from the Principal Immigration Officer (PIO)
    – Copy of Residence Permit
    – Copies of written contract and Interview report
    – Plan for local counter-part training
    – Qualifications and reference letters
  • Submit the completed application and supporting documents to the Department of Labor along with the required permit fee.
  • If approved, receive the work permit which can either be picked up from the Department of Labor or received via the mail.
  • If rejected, the applicant may appeal the decision to the Minister for Internal Affairs.

The Labor Department’s target and in accordance with section 5B of the Act is to issue work permit applications for foreign investors within 5 working day.

The fee for a work permit for one year is 200,000 Vatu (a complete listing of fees is provided in Annex 1).