Friendly Beach Bounces Back

Friendly Beach Resort on Tanna Island has reopened for business after being severely struck by TC Pam in 2015.

Friendly Beach is the true testimony of the determination a foreign investor has to keep pushing through no matter the costs and risks.

Hundreds of villages gathered together with invited guests to congratulate and personally thank Joanne Wade, owner of Friendly Beach Resort for her courage to remain on Tanna and her determination to see Friendly Beach back up and running.

In his opening remarks, Tourism Minister, Hon. Joe Natuman, said he could not thank Ms. Wade enough on her success in bringing the resort back up on its feet.

The livelihoods of so many local Tannese people depend on the resort and Minister Natuman is very grateful for Joanne’s efforts.

In her emotional welcome toktok, Joanne thanked the people and chiefs of the neighboring villages on their support towards the resort’s reopening and made a personal acknowledgment to VIPA for facilitating her investment some 19 years ago as the first ever foreign investor registered with VIPA since its inception in 1998.

The success of Friendly Beach’s reopening was described at the ceremony as a large tree providing shade for smaller plants and trees to grow meaning the resort and its success should encourage land owners and budding local entrepreneurs to take charge of tourism growth on Tanna.

VIPA was part of the reopening and was pleased to see the courage, determination and strength through the support of family and friends who helped Joanne succeed in reopening the resort.

Friendly Beach Resort is here to stay!

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