With an all year round sub-tropical climate combined with the prevailing organic environment – this is where investment and nature delivers.

Agriculture, forestry, fishing and livestock underpins Vanuatu’s economy. The country’s all-year subtropical climate with sufficient rainfall, good sunshine hours and quality soils offers favorable and ideal conditions for agricultural production. Such environment makes it possible to generate high quality and sustainable production for the domestic market. Vanuatu maintains global recognition of its organic nature – specific organic produce can find high niche market internationally.

The potential for the country’s primary sector to generate broad-based growth to increase employment, income and the overall well being of the nation is there. A wide range of opportunities to reap maximum benefits in the sector remain untapped.

An overview of each industry (Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Fisheries) on the right side bar for download provides further details you will find useful as part of your research.

Sector Performance

Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock and Fisheries have maintained steady growth over the past years. According to current GDP estimates produced by the National Statistics Office, output from the primary sector in 2014 was 22 % of total GDP and representing a growth rate of 5.2%. This growth rate is attributed by:

  • Crop Production : 73%
  • Animal Production: 16%   
  • Forestry: 7%
  • Fishing : 4%

Government Support

Evidence from our trade statistics has suggested that excellent investment potential do exists in the country’s primary non-mineral sector. Coupled with this and other national priorities, the Government has enacted a number of policies and legislation aimed at facilitating economic developments in this sector. The recently launched Agriculture sector policy is testimony on how serious the Government is in seeing increased and quality production of high value crops.

Recent developments has seen institutional or capacity strengthening programs taking place. For example the department of Fisheries is now engaging in more research-based activities supported by the SPC’s Fisheries program and Japanese Aid Cooperation Agency (JICA). An Agriculture College has been built in Luganville, Santo with assistance from the Chinese Government aimed at boosting skills and knowledge of local farmers in Agriculture.

Access to Free Trade Agreement

Vanuatu has preferential trade agreement in a number of regional and international trade agreements. In 2012, Vanuatu joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Following on the country has been an active member in a number of other agreements; PacerPLUS, MSG TA, PICTA, SPATECA AND EPA.

Investment Opportunities

AGRIBUSINESS – In the absence of economies of scale, the development of niche product for niche markets provides excellent investment opportunities for each of the industries in the primary sector; basically to increase production of the country’s high value crops for value addition.