With the 70-80 % percent of the population and resources based in the rural areas, the decision to establish local government regions and local government councils makes sense. The establishment of the six (6) provincial centers throughout the country by an act of parliament [CAP 127] was to promote and expand developments to the rural communities. However, reality is the majority of developments are still taking place in the two urban centers; Port Vila and Luganville.

The Government is now pushing developments to rural communities. This move is demonstrated by current infrastructure improvements in the islands of Tann and Malekula where roads and other infrastructures have been upgraded and built.

The "People's Plan" or better known as the "Vanuatu National Sustainable Plan (NSDP)" makes strong reference to expanding developments to the six provinces of the country.

Torba Province


Referred to as Vanuatu's "last of the real islands” Torba Province consists of 13 islands with a land mass of 882km² and a total population of over 9,359 people (2009 Population Census). The province is well known for its "Coconut Crab" - a unique delicacy found nowhere else and it hosts one of the volcanic lakes. To be alone, safe and enjoy nature - TORBA province is your choice.

Penama Province


Ambae, Maewo and Pentecost make up the PENAM Province. Ranked third in copra production, Penama has diverged into other agricultural production. It is now the largest supplier of Kava in the country and a host to the common "Nangol" jump.

Tafe province


SANMA province i host to the Vanuatu's northern capital town of Luganville. Luganville sits in a primary trade and investment area that includes 20,000 residents. The number of tourists visiting Luganville is approximately 12,000 by Air and 50,000 by Cruise Ship.

Malampa province


MALAMPA province has a population of 36, 724 and of that, 62% live on Malekula. Malekula is the second largest island in the archipelago and as you can imagine, holds traditions, customs and languages of an almost bipolar nature between its north and south.

Sefa province


SHEFA Province compromises of 15 islands namely Buninga, Efate, Emae, Emau, Epi, Ifira, Lamen, Lelepa, Makira, Mataso, Nguna, Pele, Tongariki, Tongoa and Lopevi Islands and according to the 2009 National Census, Shefa’s Population was 78,721 and with the annual growth rate of 3.7%.



TAFEA is the southern province of Vanuatu. It includes the stunningly beautiful islands of Tanna, Aniwa, Futuna, Erromango, and Aneityum where you can walk up the most accessible live Volcano in the world.