It was around mid 2015 when Mr. Patrick Li, Director for the MG Global group came introduced his team to the VIPA management. Then went on to introduce the groups investment proposal. Recalled very clearly, as if his target audience was not convinced by his verbal presentation, he then pulled out a couple of A-3 size papers in which his verbal discussions were further demonstrated.

To be frank, the team was surprised by the artistic design. By the look on the faces, Patrick new very quickly that his investment plan was big. He went to say " wanted to keep a low profile from the beginning until we are sure that our plan will materialize positively.

And it did not take long before everything came into light. This was fast progress according to what VIPA has normally experienced in regard to big scale investment such as this one. The proposal was in line with the Government's priority sectors (Tourism) so it did not take both the management and Board to approve the project when they receive their application.

The official launching of this project including the new Bauerfield terminal has been described as Vanuatu Government Seeks New Horizons. The launching ceremony has been very emotional but promising. The Vanuatu Government has given its assurance calling on all relevant government departments to assist where they can so that the projects can eventuate as expected.

Hence the inclusion of the MG Sky Hotel, a Five Star resort to be built immediately opposite the Daily Post building, adjacent to the Tana Russet shopping plaza.

The lavish, eight-level facility is paired with a 10 story shopping plaza and office building, labelled the MG Commerce Bank—or MGCB—Tower.

It features modern, open concept interiors, making the most of the often spectacular sunset view over Fatumaru bay. Aimed squarely at a young, adventurous and wealthy Chinese clientele, the proposed structure sports a helipad on the roof, which will allow VIP guests to get from airport to resort without having to navigate the often-snarled Port Vila traffic.


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