The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority (VIPA) believes in establishing real relationship with its key stakeholders. Then stronger connections will follow when negotiating for a common destiny; whether locally, regionally or internationally; a coordinated approach to market Vanuatu as an ideal investment location cannot be any better than VIPA teaming up with the right partner.

Caillard & Kaddour is Vanuatu’s biggest real estate agent with an estimated 70% share of the real estate market in the country. C&K and VIPA have maintained ongoing collaborations during the past but not to the extent as currently witnessed by the free donation of an advert screen by C&K.

VIPA management sees this a rare opportunity to receive something free of charge. This is really demonstrating the true value of establishing real partnership. But it is clear the benefits of such a relations is far beyond what one can imagine – attracting and winning foreign investment into the country requires a well coordinated approach between agencies.

In an informal ceremony for VIPA to express its token of appreciation to Mr. Christopher, C&K’s marketing manager, he confirmed as good news that it did not take long for the advert screen to generate results. There has been one client already making an inquiry with the C&K marketing division.

The donation of this advert screen by Caillard & Kaddour clearly demonstrates the spirit of team building for real results.

VIPA and C&K strengthens partnership

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