VIPA reopens with Investment Service Center

VIPA has since moved from its former location at the Laguna Building to the former French Embassy building and will now run its Investment Service Center.

The Investment Service Center promotes a one stop shop counter service that promotes sufficiency and effectiveness of gathering investment information in one location.

Although the official launching of the Investment Service Center will happen in November, VIPA is now running the one stop shop service in a trial and testing period before the launch in order to improve as this policy initiative develops.

The VIPA Acting CEO expressed great delight on the commencement of the Investment Service Center initiative.

“This is a dream come true on the part of the Vanuatu Government and our potential investors. The investment one-stop shop concept was part of the Vanuatu Government’s initiative since the initial establishment of the Vanuatu Foreign Investment Act No. 15 of 1998 back in 1998. Today, we are piloting the implementation of the Investment Service Center in the new office premises and we are all pleased to be part of this achievement. It will contribute in a big way in the performance of our role in facilitating, promote and foster foreign direct investments in Vanuatu to generate greater economic prosperity for the people of Vanuatu” he said.

The official launching set for November will also see the christening of the building that now houses the main government units involved in the one stop shop service, the departments of Immigration and Labor, and the Vanuatu Tourism Office.

Running the Investment Service Center will require additional human resource into the VIPA team and the Management is proactively looking into recruiting more staff to undertake key roles in the one stop shop initiative.

VIPA One Stop Shop Service Commences

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