VIPA now part of WAIPA

The Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority is now an official member of the prominent World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA).

This achievement is a significant milestone for the organization especially in its focus on moving forward on adapting international best practices in promoting and facilitating FDI into Vanuatu.

VIPA sees this achievement as an excellent start in access to relevant information sharing, capacity building opportunities and development assistance that may be sought from WAIPA as a parent body for investment promotion agencies.

VIPA Acting CEO, Gelpen Silas, says this achievement is a long time target for the Authority in achieving and is very excited about the prospects that come with VIPA’s membership.

“VIPA has long been working in isolation from other IPA’s who are already a member to the WAIPA. So this achievement is a start to working in line with what other IPA’s are practising worldwide” he stated.

“VIPA will benefit greatly from the membership and the office is looking forward to programs, trainings and possible assistance that may be offered from WAIPA” he added.

In light of its recent admission to the WAIPA, the Authority has received invitation to attend the annual the World Investment Conference, which will be held this year in Dubai on November 27-28.

VIPA will not have immediate rights to vote having only joined in the final quarter of the year however it will still be a prime opportunity for the organization to listen in on current events and issues that will be presented during that time.

WAIPA welcomes VIPA

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